Los espartanos logran llegar a la tierra con vida, enfureciendo todavía más a Poseidón. Information Poseidon and Amphitrite, a … En todos los juegos de God of War Poseidón tiene alguna relación con los relámpagos, aun cuando según la mitología este poder es de Zeus exclusivamente: en God of War le da a Kratos la Ira de Poseidon, que genera una pequeña tormenta, en God of War II y III lucha con relámpagos y en God of War: Ghost of Sparta, el Ojo de Atlantis, una antigua reliquia de Poseidón, te permite lanzar relámpagos. After Atlas saved his uncle Cronos from having his soul captured by Hades, Atlas was electrocuted by Poseidon's thunder, bringing him to his knees. The God of the Seas mainly focuses on defense and teamwork rather on attack power. Doblaje It's strange that during his fight with Kratos, Poseidon didn't mention the death of his own son. God Currently, it is unknown exactly how Poseidon's death and the subsequent rising of the oceans affected other realms outside of Greece. The mad Kratos is guided by the gods to fight through hordes of enemies from Greek mythology and overthrow the war god Ares. His primary means of transportation was a chariot pulled by horses. Dios de los Mares So what makes us, Unreal Facts, say that Caligula didn’t go to war with Poseidon when so many references say he did? –Poseidon's anger for Atlantis' destruction. the destruction of Olympus. Warriors aligned to Poseidon have the best resistance to damage in the game, however, they're also the weakest damage dealers, which makes Poseidon the polar opposite to Ares in Multiplayer. Tips and Tricks: How to defeat Poseidon in God of War 3. He would often grant safe passage to many sailors and was protective of his own domain. However, Zeus commanded him to withdraw from the battlefield, and he reluctantly obeyed. Aparece en la saga God of War inicialmente como aliado y posteriormente como enemigo. En todos los juegos de la saga, el primer jefe siempre sufre algun tipo de daño en sus ojos, a Poseidon Kratos lo deja ciego tras perforarle los ojos con sus dedos. Poseidon was the husband of Amphitrite, a Nereid. Grabado de Poseidón en su Cámara de God of War III. This ability would also be of important use while battling against the Hydra King, the strongest and largest of the Hydra's heads. After being infected probably with "Anger", he notably became much more angrier and weary as he gave multiple death threats to Kratos (who he aided in stopping the Hydra King prior to being infected) when the latter destroyed his city, warned him about challenging the Gods when confronting him and reasonably but angrily tried talking him out of destroying Olympus as it would mean the death of the entire world . El tiempo pasó hasta que Zeus, que había logrado evitar el mismo destino que sus hermanos gracias a su madre Rea, rescató a todos sus hermanos del vientre de Cronos… God of War III will be no exception, if these scans showing a climactic battle against Poseidon himself are anything to go by. El fin de la batalla creó el paisaje del mundo mortal, y con la ascensión de los Olímpicos al poder, Poseidón tomó el dominio de los océanos. Gender Especie Estado Poseidon is among the Gods who are listening to Zeus, who declares that they must unite against the new threat of Kratos, formerly the God of War and now a rogue mortal. What Poseidon means by that last comment is not clear, but it might allude to the apocalyptic future that Poseidon may have foreseen i.e. Tras una dura batalla Kratos logra atravesar el pecho del gigante dios y sacar a Poseidón en su forma humana de su armadura. El tiempo pasó hasta que Zeus, que había logrado evitar el mismo destino que sus hermanos gracias a su madre Rea, rescató a todos sus hermanos del vientre de Cronos, desatando así la guerra contra su padre y, por consiguiente, contra los titanes. Es la segunda eminencia tras su hermano Zeus. Es el padre de numerosas Neréidas, misteriosas ninfas que viven en el fondo de los océanos, famosas por controlar los cuerpos de agua fresca. Kratos is unfazed by this, and proceeds to beat Poseidon uncontrollably; slamming his uncle's face repeatedly against a wall, and hitting him with his own head, before throwing him to a nearby wall. If this is this case though, Poseidon's true form is unclear. It is notable that Poseidon could have single-handedly bested the Titans in God of War III, having downed two of them and making short work of Gaia, had Kratos not intervened. Sin control le lanza contra las rocas, le golpea contra la pared repetidas veces, le saca los ojos con los pulgares, hasta que finalmente, le rompe el cuello, causándole la muerte inmediata. Poseidon then dives into a large body of water at the base of the mountain, summoning a tendril from below that grabs Gaia's arm and begins pulling her. It seems likely that his older appearance is his true form, but as a god, he wishes to appear youthful. Como el resto de dioses, era inmortal, y poseía super fuerza, vuelo y la habilidad de cambiar de forma. God of War Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. Poseidon assisted the Greeks in the Trojan war. After the Blade of Olympus was created and the Titans were banished to the Tartarus; the pit of torment, Poseidon was given dominion over all seas. Since Zeus has forbidden the Gods from warring with one another, Poseidon's intervention would breach this rule, so he resorts to giving Kratos the power to destroy the Hydra instead. ? After Kratos defeats his minions, Poseidon then emerges within a watery construct in his image, projecting Hippocampi from his chariot. This would explain why Poseidon resorts to using lightning instead of water during the first Titanomachy. Loyalties En God of War Poseidón nos ofrece la Ira de Poseidón con la cual podremos crear una onda eléctrica que afectará a los enemigos cercanos. In ancient Greek mythology, his chariot was pulled by the Hippocampi as well. Llega el momento de entrar en acción, Poseidón se lanza del Monte Olimpo a una velocidad sobrehumana llevándose por delante al titán Epimeteo, que le hace caer al mar junto a él.
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