[33], On April 1, 2015, a fire occurred on platform Abkatun A in the southern Gulf of Mexico which killed 4 workers. Up to date, and in spite of pressure by the Mexican Congress, the International Labour Organization, the Global Compact, the Industrial Global Union and thousands of citizens all over the world, workers sacked in 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 haven't been all reinstated nor has there been any reparation otherwise. Secretaria de Economía Dr. Ernesto Acevedo Fernández Subsecretario de Industria, Comercio y Competitividad SECONOMIA Ing. Facebook. [50] In October 2017, it was confirmed by the presidency that in fact EPN himself, His comments came after Petrobras and London-based BP said they made a "giant" oil find of as much as 3 billion barrels (480×10^6 m3) in the Gulf of Mexico southeast of Houston. Pemex is Latin America's second-largest company measured by revenues, according to a ranking of the region's 500 largest companies by Latin Business Chronicle, behind Brazilian oil company Petrobras. [53] Santiago Nieto, the man in charge of the FEPADE (an office in charge of investigations against electoral crimes), was controversially fired, soon after the Odebretch scandal started. In context. ", "BP's Gulf battle echoes monster '79 Mexico oil spill", "Pemex Is Blamed for The Sewer Explosion", "Mexican Tamaulipas state gas plant blast kills 26", "Mexico probes Pemex gas plant explosion which killed 26", "Blast at Pemex gas plant in Mexico claims more lives", "Government: Death toll in Mexico oil company office explosion climbs to 25 with 101 injured", "Continúan las labores de atención al incendio en la plataforma Abkatun A", "Flames engulf Mexico oil platform in Gulf, killing 4 workers", "Pemex raises death toll at petrochemical plant explosion to 28", "Fire breaks out on Pemex tanker in Gulf of Mexico, crew safe", Construirán memorial de víctimas de explosión en Tlahuelilpan, "Qué causó la explosión de Tlahuelilpan y otras 3 incógnitas que quedan sobre la mayor tragedia de México por robo de combustible", "Mexico pipeline explosion that killed 79 is an 'example' for fuel thieves, officials say - National | Globalnews.ca", "EU devuelve 2.4 mdd por fraude contra Pemex", "Mexican Labor News & Analysis October , 2010, Vol. See more of CFE - Comisión Federal de Electricidad on Facebook. Ir a: PEMEX por el rescate de la soberanía, Servicios médicos de PEMEX aplica protocolo de sanidad contra COVID-19. It is said that Pemex lacks the equipment, technology, and financial means to explore for new reserves in deep water or shale gas; hence, a reform to Mexican law has been put forward by the government. [20] In December 2019, the company stated that it has discovered a deposit in southeastern Mexico that could produce 500 million barrels of crude which is considered the largest discovery in more than 30 years. also met with Odebrecht 4 times during his presidential campaign. Con honestidad, compromiso y productos de alta calidad fortalecemos a México. See more of CFE - Comisión Federal de Electricidad on Facebook. In spite of the boycott, Pemex developed into one of the largest oil companies in the world and helped Mexico become the fifth-largest oil exporter in the world. Images of the event shows people collecting fuel with buckets and small containers from a waterfall of gasoline. En Contexto. [22] Pemex has a debt of $42.5 billion, including $24 billion in off-balance-sheet debt. de Gas seco de plantas (No incluye gas seco elaborado y utilizado como combustible)(MMpcd) 2,241, Prod. [45] It also included forcing union members to resign from the Union from their hospital beds, as happened to three cancer patients in 2009. The cause has not been confirmed. Log In. Bisgaiser, Jennifer. Lamentablemente no tiene crédito suficiente para visualizar este nuevo organigrama. Log In. Press alt + / to open this menu. [56] The organization Borde Politico, had published weeks before that 116 out of the 128 Mexican senators were incompetent.
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