Anyone know the Twitch skin drop rate? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. level 2. ive never gotten one, never tried until a few weekends ago with the landing ship drops. ... Am I supposed to put my paladins username in chat? You can try that, sure. Communist Turret Man. share. I can easily get 5-10 drops watching the Smite pro matches, which regularly hit 10k+ viewers, but I'm lucky if I even get one drop in a full day of watching Paladins … Paladins > General Discussions > Topic Details. Jan 3, 2018 @ 2:07pm Twitch drop rates. I just watched from the … But note you're not guaranteed anything and the drop rate is pretty terrible. As they watch Twitch streams of SMITE and Paladins, they are randomly selected to receive in-game items! Seris. Watch any linked Paladins or SMITE stream for a chance to get free loot! To link your account: Log in to My Account and click “Link”. report. hide. i leave twitch up on a partner all day, or switch after 3 hours to a different one, nothing. 7 comments. BenMal. I also want to add that 99% of the drops were radiant chests and not from twitch/paladinsgame, but from watching bird, kusqt, gerrah, stolzey etc. How does it work? Can you still get drops for watching streams if they are in the background? HELP. save. I don't get any of these twitch drops youre supposed to get for watching any partner stream for 60mins or more. paladins twitch random drops still? #2. I got all the Prime with Prime rewards, but not the drops for watching a partner. I think it might be linked to viewer count. 67% Upvoted. Although Drops can potentially be received on any broadcast, Hi-Rez Studios really takes advantage of the reward opportunities during HRX with both the SMITE World Championship and the Paladins Invitational. yes my account is linked. These can range from virtual currency to cosmetic objects. When you link, you will automatically receive Ying and her Twitch Illusory Mirror Weapon Skin, and when you watch you can get free Gold, Skins, and more! Do you still get random drops watching twitch? What can you get from Twitch rewards? Sort by. This thread is archived.
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